After more than ten years, supporting and volunteering at animal shelters and other associations, in Ibiza and Barcelona, Sabine finally decided to make her long-life biggest wish come true and started her own non-profit association. "My heart belongs to cats since I was a little girl. And when I moved to Ibiza, almost ten years ago, seeing all the cats suffering on the streets, broke my heart but also made me stronger. That moment I decided to dedicate my life to them." - This is how everything started. Since that moment, Sabine has been feeding every single day, around 50 cats, in her cat colonies, around the island. Relocating more than 2000 cats in loving families around Spain, Germany and other countries. Finding homes for blind cats, deaf cats, cats who could not walk, cats with ataxia, etc.
"Out there, there's the perfect family for every single cat, we just need to be patient and keep looking" that's her motto.
Our mission is to create a more humane and compassionate world, one cat at a time.
Sabine's Cats Association is dedicated to rehoming unwanted and abandoned cats and kittens from Ibiza streets. We rescue, care for, protect, and place cats for adoption in private foster homes, where they get 24 hours care, until they're fully physically and emotionally recovered and we find loving lifelong homes and perfect adoptive families for them.
Adoptable Cats\Kittens may be viewed in our web page. If there is a cat you are interested in, sends us a private message, for more pictures and information. To help improve the likelihood of a successful adoption, we send prospective adopters a questionnaire, to help ensure the cat is right for the home and the home is right for the cat.
Sabine's Cats Association is currently funded 100% by donations and adoption fees. If you are looking for a way to help out please contact us for details.
For media inquiries, please e-mail sabinescats@gmail.com
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